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Pasi Välkkynen (PhD, MSc in Computer Science) is a Senior Scientist and software engineer with 15 years of experience in experimental research on human-technology interaction.

He has done extensive research in the domain of mobile interaction with the real world, and has also worked with ubiquitous and mobile fitness and wellness applications. His speciality in software engineering is combining the user-centred approach to the entire development process, from requirements gathering and concept design to implementation and testing. He has published 20 peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals, conferences and books, and served in the technical program committee of several conferences.

Pasi Välkkynen has worked at VTT Technical Research of Finland in Tampere since 2000. His earlier experience includes working in a software development company and for the University of Tampere. His industrial work included security software in embedded and workstation environments. The research done for the university was about actively adapting user interfaces. In his PhD work he studied interaction with the physical and digital worlds with mobile phones and RFID/NFC tags. The work consisted of building functional prototype systems and evaluating them with real users. His favourite application domains are health, wellness and fitness because he wants his work to make a difference in people's lives and wellbeing. Since his first Commodore 64, he has loved programming, building new things from technology and solving problems - especially the right problems. He is interested in perfecting the human-centred software engineering process, and would like to make some long-standing and useful contribution to the world of computer science.